The New West Chelsea – 15 new gallery spaces coming in 2017
Something Big

Enjoy the New West Chelsea

In its third decade as a gallery district, West Chelsea is no longer the gritty warehouse area on the western edge of the city that it was at the close of the 20th-century. Gradually the propinquity of galleries that migrated first from SoHo, then from all over the world, transformed this dark, post-industrial zone into the city's premiere creative neighborhood. West Chelsea grew up.

The new West Chelsea has never been as vibrant and creative as it is today. Still the largest gallery district in New York City - the largest in the city’s history - and augmented by $5 billion in new luxury and super-luxury residences, hotels, restaurants, and schools spurred by Hudson Yards, The High Line and The # 7 Subway Station, the new West Chelsea is a community of unparalleled opportunity for the 21st-century.

Now, 15 gallery spaces are being built that will enable galleries to leverage that opportunity to new advantage.

The Advantage

Hudson Yards

Growing three times faster than the rest of Manhattan and the largest development in the United States, Hudson Yards’ neighborhood has become a magnet for young and affluent professionals.

Fueled by the cultural and creative vibrancy of the West Chelsea Gallery District to the south and visitors to the High Line, Hudson Yards is shifting the center of gravity north in the new West Chelsea.

  • Median Income – $135,000
    Population – 400,000
    Residential units built or under construction – 9,900
    Total residential units planned by 2025 – 12,300
    Hotels rooms built or under construction – 3,000
    Total hotel rooms planned by 2025 – 6,930
    The Shed – 200,000 SF of space for artistic invention

The High Line and the culture coast

With over six million visitors annually, the High Line has stimulated the development of world-class architecture, 5-star restaurants and hip boutique hotels along its path, helping West Chelsea evolve into the city’s largest and most vibrant gallery district.

This inspired urban park provides breathtaking views and sweeping panoramas of the Hudson River to the west and Manhattan to the east. With an entry at West 28th, the High Line is the core of the New West Chelsea.

With the Whitney Museum at the High Line’s southern entrance, visitors and patrons of the arts can walk north from the Meatpacking shopping area, visit many of the world’s best galleries, and complete their day at Hudson Yards. Or, they can take the “Art Express”, the Number 7 subway extension at Hudson Yards, and walk south through the West Chelsea Gallery District with over 250 art galleries.

The Number 7 Subway
The Art Express

The Art Express – the Number 7 extension to Hudson Yards – links all the city’s main gallery districts to West Chelsea – from the new Harlem District to the Lower East Side to DUMBO and Bushwick and beyond. Visiting the new West Chelsea is now a quick and easy excursion.

Visitors to The Met uptown, MoMA in midtown or PS1 in Long Island City can be perusing New York City’s premiere galleries in West Chelsea in a matter of minutes. When Hudson Yards’ “Hudson Park & Boulevard” is completed in 2018, the West Chelsea Gallery District will be a short stroll from the Hudson Yards station.

West Chelsea Galleries

The quality of the West Chelsea galleries has increased with the infusion of uptown, out-of-town, domestic and international galleries, curators and dealers. The new West Chelsea has become a dynamic, diverse and cosmopolitan hub for a broad spectrum of art – from contemporary to ancient – and a mecca for collectors and patrons worldwide.

Almost 2,000 new luxury and super-luxury individual residences, combined with the influx of traffic from the High Line, has helped make the area between West 26th and Hudson Yards the settled epicenter of the gallery district, the new center of gravity into the 21st-century.

When these 15 new gallery spaces are built and occupied in 2017 and early 2018, just under half of all galleries in West Chelsea will be on and north of West 26th Street, as Hudson Yards, the High Line and The Art Express energize the new West Chelsea.